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    Thursday, May 23, 2013
  2. Re-post: Neti Pot article
    Tuesday, May 14, 2013
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    Wednesday, May 01, 2013
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    Thursday, April 25, 2013
  5. How to get a knife blade clean
    Monday, April 22, 2013
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    Sunday, April 21, 2013
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    Wednesday, April 17, 2013
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    Tuesday, April 16, 2013
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    Friday, April 12, 2013
  10. Texas Collage stabbing spree
    Wednesday, April 10, 2013


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50% off Tactical tailor Gear, ACU and Foliage Green only

 Tactical Tailor is having a 50% off sale of all their ACU and Foliage green gear, while supplies last. 

 Linky - Tactical Tailor

Re-post: Neti Pot article

  The weather is getting nice, people are out in the garden and plants are blooming. Spring is here and so is allergy season! If you suffer from allergies and have never tried out a Neti Pot then you will want to read this article. A Net Pot can bring a huge amount of relief to people with all types of sinus problems. 

The Neti Pot is a fantastic and often overlooked Medical prep. If you have Sinus problems like I do then a Neti Pot should be on your countertop and be getting frequent use. 

 The Neti Pot can treat and often prevent Sinus infections, both Bacterial and Viral. It can also provide great relief for nasal congestion associated with many other illnesses such as the cold and flu. 

 Okay Kory, that sounds great. But what the hell is a Neti Pot anyways? A neti Pot looks like a little tea pot. They are made out of ceramics, stainless steal and plastic. You fill the Neti up with water, microwave or in some way heat the water to look warm. Then add a small amount of uniodized salt to the water. Put your left thumb over the spout and your right hand over the top of the pot to keep the water in and shake it up real good until the salt is dissolved. Then you tilt your head sideways over the sink, place the spout in your nose and pour the saline water up one nostril and out the other. Then blow out all the gunk into the sink. Repeat with each nostril. You don't need much salt and the water must be warm. To much salt will cause a temporary burning feeling and cold water can cause some discomfort also. 

Super gross huh? It is gross and definitely takes some getting used to. But the benefits, oh the benefits, they far outweigh the gross factor and the initial discomfort. I use the Neti Pot every morning as soon as I get up and I feel many times better and can breath so much easier after using it. I also use it again about 30 minutes before I go to bed. 

 The idea behind the Neti Pot is that you are irrigating your sinuses. We breath in all sort of pollutants, toxins and allergens all day long. The Neti Pot washes all this junk out of your sinuses so that it can not irritate and swell the sensitive membranes inside your sinus cavities. The Neti Pot is a natural alliterative to antibiotics, OTC medications and even sinus surgery. 

 I used to get Bacterial Sinus Infections constantly. Using the Neti Pot regularly coupled with eating healthy, taking some vitamins and supplemental and exercising has gotten me to where I'm the healthiest I've ever been in my life. The Neti Pot was invented thousands of years ago in India and has been use ever since. 

 In a post SHTF scenario when over the counter meds and antibiotics are hard to come buy all you need for the Neti Pot is water and salt. They run about $6-$20 on Amazon. I recommend a ceramic Neti Pot because you wont need to worry about anything leaching into the water like with plastic and you can microwave the pot. 

 The Neti Pot in a post SHTF situation could conceivable replace the use of many over the counter medicines and antibiotics, thus allowing you to save those medicines for more serious illnesses. 

 The Neti Pot should be either dried when done or left out in such a way that it can completely drip dry. It should be periodically washed out as well. Some people also advocate only using distilled water in Neti Pots. This is because there are some rare bacteria out there that can live in tap water. When you drink the tap water your stomach acid does it things and the bacteria has no effect on you. However when you are main lining the water straight up your nose it can apparently cause some problems with this rare bacteria getting into the brain, bad stuff. I however have been using good old tap water for several years now and my head has yet to explode. If it is a concern for you then use distilled or boiled water. 

 Another benefit of the Neti Pot is that if you ever find yourself "disappeared" into one of those Government Prisons that don't exist and they want to water board you, well you can just laugh and tell them you water board your self every day with a Neti Pot. 


 Below is a video showing how to use the Neti Pot. Warning - It's kinda gross. 


Tourniquets and time

 This is a video by Skinny Medic where he discusses time in regards to how that applies to using a C-A-T tourniquet. How long can you leave a tourniquet on, can you loosen the tourniquet and then re tighten it to extend that time? What types of bad things can and are happening when a tourniquet is applied? All of these questions are answered in the short 5 minute video.  


Blue Hill UL Stove 2

 My friend Shawn of Houseoffire72 on Youtube and the Inventor of the Blue Hill UL Stove has created the next generation of his stove in the Blue Hill UL 2.

 The Blue Hill UL line of stoves are custom made to order by Shawn. The differences of the two stoves are explained in detail in the video below. Basically the new generation has little tabs that can be folded to make the stove work on many more different sized cans.

 Shawn originally invented this stove for use with Sterno in his car while Ice Fishing. While the stove's do work great with a can of Sterno they can also be used with a Trangia Stove, solid fuel tabs, small hobo wood stoves, penny stoves, alcohol stoves and many more.

 These stoves make a great Prep item in that they can be safely used indoors with a can of sterno during events like power outages and storms. They work well in the car or the backpack because they are small very light weight and portable. 

 Prices of the stoves per Shawns youtube video are -

 Blue Hill UL 1 - $12 shipped
 Blue Hill UL 2 - $15 Shipped

 Contact Shawn at - to order a stove.

 Price incluedes shipping to the lower 48 States.

How to get a knife blade clean


How do you get gunk like packing tape residue or tree sap off your blades? It's a lot easier then you might think. All you need is some 70% Isopropyl Alcohol from any grocery or big box store. 

 The Isopropyl Alcohol cuts through the gunk on your blade and allows it to be wiped clean. If all you have on the blade is a little packing tape residue then you wont need anything more then a little alcohol, a paper towel and a few minutes of elbow grease

 If your blade is more seriously gummed up then I suggest using some sort of scrub brush along with the Isopropyl Alcohol to get a good deep cleaning going. I've also found that buffing the blade with a thick rag or towel towards the end of the process really helps to get that last little bit of stuff off the blade. 

 You do need to be careful when doing this because obviously a knife is supposed to be sharp and is designed to cut. So be cautious when rubbing and scrubbing your fingers along the blade. 

 So that's really all you need to clean a blade. Isopropyl Alcohol, a cloth for the rubbing, maybe a scrub brush and a clean cloth for buffing at the end. 


Antibiotics for SHTF

 Below is short video from The Patriot Nurse's Youtube channel where gives a list of 5 antibiotics for use in SHTF scenario's. 

 Here are her top 5:
 1. Zithromax
 2. Ampicillin
 3. Cipro
 4. Amoxicillin 
 5. Doxycyclin

 She goes on to explain a little about what each is used for. Also pay attention to the notes she pops up on the screen, they give additional details. 

 Where can you get these antibiotics? Right here - Fish antibiotics

Note: I'm having some issues with my blog software and adding Youtube video's. Follow the link below to watch The Patriot Nurses video.

 Video link - SHTF Antibiotics


Defiance TV show review


The SyFy channel has been hyping there new TV show Defiance like it's the best thing since sliced bread. There is even an online multie player video game based on the show. They really think this show is going to be huge. Could it be the next Battlestar Galactica?

This is what the Internets has to say about Defiance - 

The series is set in the near future, where aliens known collectively as Votans have come to Earth seeking a new home after their solar system was destroyed. However, when they reached Earth, they discovered despite a prolonged negotiation with the government on Earth, they were not welcome. Rather than turn away, they began a war with the humans as they are determined to make Earth their new home. During the war, the Votans drop terraformers on the planet and transform the surface of the planet; scorching the earth, opening chasms in the ground and covering the surface of the planet in dust and debris. After decades of war, a ceasefire is declared when both sides realize they must focus on survival on this new almost alien planet. The series largely revolves around the character of Jeb Nolan. Jeb was only ten years old when the Votans arrived and he served in the military during the war. With the war now over, he returns to his hometown of St Louis to find it's is no longer the city he left; it is little more than refugee camp. Deciding his services are needed, Jeb takes up a position as the Chief Lawkeeper in Defiance, so he can protect the town from dangerous clashes between humans, aliens, military scavengers and other dangerous visitors who occasionally enter the town
I watched the premier on the 15th and I liked it. I don't know that it's anywhere near as amazing as Battlestar Galactica was but so far I like it. The post apocalyptic earth scenario is fun and entertaining to watch. The acting is only okay, not as good as Battlestar Galactica was but maybe on par with Stargate. The costumes are okay. I'm glad they went with people wearing suits rather then trying to mix in to much computer animation. I'll be watching it again next week and hopefully it continues to get better. 


Boston Marathon Bombings, initial thoughts

 I'd like to start this post by saying the events in Boston were horrific and clearly the acts of madmen and cowards. The bombings were senseless and my prays are with everyone effected.  

 I have several points I want to touch on in this article. One, where does this recent bombing take America as a whole? Two, What does this attack mean for Preppers and Survivalist?

 So we don't know yet if this is an act of international terror, home grown or something different. Could this be the first in a wave of new terror attacks? I've often wondered why groups like Al Qaeda have not ditched the grand terror plots and instead opted for many smaller hits such as gunmen in our malls and bombs in our parades? Could this be the beginning of that, are we going to see an America that looks more like Israel? 

 As Preppers and Survivalist should we be at all concerned about this event directly effecting us? Will we see new laws proposed and items flying off the shelves like after the Newtown shootings? If this turns out to be a "home grown terror plot" will Preppers be further villainized in the main stream media? Will the DHS begin to more actively target Preppers and other people who believe in personal Liberty and want to live a more self sufficient lifestyle?  

 One thing I believe will come from this bombing for sure is that the Government will further squeeze our Liberty and Freedoms all in the name of public safety and National Security. 

 No one wants to be the victim of a Terrorist attack. We all want to get who ever did this and bring them to justice. That being said there is a price to be paid for living in a relatively free and open society. As the saying goes, Freedom is not Free. 

 I'm nobody, just some guy with a blog so don't take anything I write as the gospel truth. What I'd like to see is for us as a nation to figure out why so many people in the world seem to hate us? Why are so many of our own citizens mentally disturbed and prone to violent acts? I'd like to see our Government treating the disease, not the symptoms. Lets figure out why people are doing these things and address those issues, not strip any more freedoms from this countries people. 


Linked at

 I was linked in a post about the Top 50 Survival Blogs at Now I'm not in the top 50 of anyone's list but I have made runner up lists. I'm listed at #19 on but that list is in no particular order. There are many Blogs listed that are way better then mine.

 In any event it's fun to make someone's list for what ever reason. Blogging is a lot harder then it looks and it's nice to see my blog linked to once and while.

 So go checkout  and look them over. They sell a lot of good products as well as run a great blog.


Texas Collage stabbing spree


Well, well, well, will you look at these Texas Stabbing Spree headlines. Some nutjob in Texas went on a stabbing spree on a collage campus with what witnesses are describing as an X-acto knife. An X-acto knife! Something so small and relatively harmless that we regularly make them available to children at least as young as Junior High School age for use in both Science and Art classes.

 No he didn't use the dreaded AR-15 or "standard capacity" magazines, he didn't use a gun of any type. He didn't even use a large scary knife like you might see in a horror movie, he used a puny little X-acto knife.

 What ever shall we as a Nation do? We better start by banning all kitchen knives because evil people could gain access to a knife in any kitchen in America! Yes, we need to protect America from the American people.

 Or, I guess another option could be to do away with these stupid "gun free zones" and allow good rational people to protect themselves. Kind of like what people did during this stabbing spree. The stabber was taken down by normal everyday citizens who had had enough and decided to defend themselves rather then cower like sheep waiting for someone from the Government to come and protect them. Although 14 people got stabbed with two in critical condition before people got smart enough to act.

 I think this incident has a great many lessons to be learned from it. 

 1. Protect yourself and those around you if you are able. Fight if you can, don't rely on someone else to save you. 

 2. Evil people will do evil things regardless of what items the protectionist culture wants to ban.

 3. Gun free zones and weapon free zones only stop good law abiding people, not crazies, evil people and criminals.

 4. These people going on rampages are not unstoppable. They kill them selves, give up or are subdued as soon as they are confronted by "force on Force" violence.

 The moral of this story and this article is that bad people will do bad things, no matter what. The only way to stop a bad person is for a good person or group of good people to respond with equal force and violence.


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